Long talks and late nights;
That continuous ribbing and plenty of stupid fights.
Each one of us,each others knight’s;
Like the protective bunch of white storks,not afraid of heights.


Long talks and late nights;
When things go wrong,those are the right kind of delights.
A glass of vodka in hand,laughing your ass off watching the city lights;
For those moments nothing does matter,no wrongs no rights;
Just Long talks and late nights…



soft lips matching her pace
both content being confined in this small space
love running in both of their veins
binding them together,held by chains
this moment being their forever,making it their goodbye kiss
for the journey of true love need not always be pure bliss
so they go their separate ways,
coz some love stories are not meant to last always!


Only then will they know..!


Tiny shoulders bearing too much load,
emotions within do overflow.
decisions! decisions! too many to take,
even the sky toward us,
did it bow.
society’s norms,so many pretenses we do,
please explain to them we are humans too!
remove our boundations,set us free,so we can grow
’cause even the tiniest of them all can glow!
so dont hold the light let it go,
for when they will,
only then will they know…!

Hang in there!

Regrets.. Remorse probably the worst feeling second to guilt.Experiencing all three together is quite a task i can guarantee to you. They eat you up slowly,very painfully from inside. You are helpless,you can either accept them & be depressed for as long as it takes or the easy way out to pretend you dont feel them.


A coward move,true,but that’s just temporary.Ofcourse you break at one point,you give those feelings free reign once in a while,cause that’s healthy as society puts it.one should let it all out.But that’s just absurd,cause i’m sure those nosy people telling you to cry all out are most probably just dishing for new gossips,that’s just how our society rolls. Ofcourse its not healthy holding everything inside you,but it takes time. It takes time to forgive yourself, it takes time to get used to the pain.one cannot totally forget the pain,those feelings are part of your life they hold memories which i’m sure neither your brain nor your heart would let you forget. so you just get used to them,with time you learn how to smile & move on. while pretending to be strong,you learn how to really become strong. you get the hang of it with time & then you become a pro at it. You smile,hold your head up & move on. Once in a while reminiscing those memories as they will always be part of your life even if the person behind them are too far gone to be there with you…so just hold on to those memories & pretend that things are okay…cause they will always be. Time doesn’t heal your wounds it just gives you the strength you need to be okay.
So just hold on and hang in there you’ll be okay..gradually!


what is that inspires me to write
is it the moon shining in the dark night
or is it the state of my mind of being in twilight
or the stars unbeknown to these mortal eyes twinkling in their own delight
or is it the silent cry of the waves,parting from the sea under the moonlight
what is it that inspires me to write
or am i an inspiration of my own,burning from within making me alight,
my words float over the darkness,
filled with hope to overcome the abyss with that burning light.



Her heart longs to fly,
breaking the prison,opening her wings she aims to soar high,
every dream has a price to be paid
she wonder’s is it a fair trade
all her life,all that she has known and seen are these walls
she’s afraid what if she falls
her wings being weigh’d
she flies alone,no one to her aide
determined to break free of all the chains
she listens to her heart and the courage she gains
leaving it all behind,she opens her wings and soars high
now her home being,the vast blue sky.



its not love
yet one can see
passion burning in his eyes when he looks at her
softness in his hold when he comforts her
gentleness in his tone when he talks to her
one can see..
him sigh when she’s not there to hold his hand
his smile when he’s taking a drive down the memory lane
his agitation when he’s helpless in anywhich way due to her being distant
no definately its not love…
cause its more than what a word can describe..!



i’m cold
no not because its winter,
but because my sun has dawned in the ocean
leaving a hollow darkness within my heart
i’m cold
because his warmth surrounding me is now just empty air with no love to provide me shelter
i’m cold
cause his presence now is just a reminder of times which i know can never come back
i’m cold
cause i myself squished my own heart to set him free
leaving a hallow darkness within me
my already broken heart is dead now
i’m cold
&he still has my heart in his hold

A promise


its like i’m invisible to them
for them me being a stone not a gem
for they dont see what i possess
there will be a time,when they can no longer compress
for then will i be free,
running along the grass,so soft beneath me
waitin’ with determination in my blood,fire in my soul,strength in my heart
for this will end,and a new beginning will start..
& i promise myself till then,not to fall apart..!


Its love she’s looking for,

yet its love she’s afraid of

its the darkness she’s most comfortable with,

yet its the darkness she’s scared of

longing to be held in arms is what she dreams,

yet letting herself go in those arms is what she restraints from

holding her heart close to her;

protected with shallow walls around,

its freedom she most desires

yet she’s her own prisoner

she stands in a crowd with fierce courage to be noticed,

yet its shyness she’s accustomed of

with her pain she stands alone;making it her strength,

yet its the very pain she loathes of.

its love she’s looking for,

yet its love she’s the most afraid of…