I want to…

I want to kiss you, slow and deep,

Creating a trail of scorching sensation down the steep.

Your fingers in my hair, wild and rough

Your taste oh so sweet, i cant get enough.

Melt in my touch, scream my name,

Get mangled with my soul, feel my burning flame.

Let me fuck you hard and slow,

Laying in tangled sheets till the evening sun is low.


I wish you were..

I wish you were here,

to hold me close

and wipe my tears.

I wish you were here,

to help me fight my demons

and kiss away my fears.

I wish you were here,

to keep my nightmares at bay

and Whisper sweet nothing in my ears.

I wish you were here,

just to love me

for a thousand more years. ❤️

Two peas in a pod

So many memories of us growing up, so many secrets we shared,

Two peas in a pod, the heavens have paired.

We fought, we cried,

Sitting together gossiping, on people we spied.

We are so different yet so alike,

Your sweet little tantrums were always childlike.

Remember how we cried when i went away that summer?

Times without you sure has been a bummer.

Life has bought us on a different path, in a different city,

So on the sweet tunes of our friendship, i dedicate to you this ditty. ❤️

I think of you

As i lay in bed i think of you,

Your face buried in my neck
makes me forget all my blues.

In the quiet comfort of the moonless night,

Our fingers locked together, anchoring me tight.

In my dark world, you’re a fresh breath of purity,

Hearing you breathe peacefully, brings to me a sense of security.

Your eyes hold promise of protecting my heart,

Whether we are together or we be apart.

As the night grows old, i close my eyes and think of you,

Your smiling face makes me forget all my blues. ❤️

I want you

I want you, mind, body and soul,

A wild night

no room for control.

Heart to heart skin to skin,

Each touch igniting

a sin within.

Whisper of your lips on my naked back,

Desire meeting desire,

leaving a bitter sweet track.

Let me whimper, let me moan,


let the straining timbers groan. ❤️

Maybe one day..

Maybe one day we’ll find the place where our hearts can beat together,
Our skin to melt into one another and meet up in the aether.
Maybe one day when we’re not bound by shackles we’ll meet again,
For then we’ll have nothing to loose nor to gain.
Maybe one day we’ll be right for each other,
In a place where our hearts can beat together.
So I’ll wait for that day,
Sitting in a chair with wrinkled skin and hair all gray.
Maybe one day…. ❤️


Long talks and late nights;
That continuous ribbing and plenty of stupid fights.
Each one of us,each others knight’s;
Like the protective bunch of white storks,not afraid of heights.


Long talks and late nights;
When things go wrong,those are the right kind of delights.
A glass of vodka in hand,laughing your ass off watching the city lights;
For those moments nothing does matter,no wrongs no rights;
Just Long talks and late nights…


soft lips matching her pace
both content being confined in this small space
love running in both of their veins
binding them together,held by chains
this moment being their forever,making it their goodbye kiss
for the journey of true love need not always be pure bliss
so they go their separate ways,
coz some love stories are not meant to last always!


Only then will they know..!


Tiny shoulders bearing too much load,
emotions within do overflow.
decisions! decisions! too many to take,
even the sky toward us,
did it bow.
society’s norms,so many pretenses we do,
please explain to them we are humans too!
remove our boundations,set us free,so we can grow
’cause even the tiniest of them all can glow!
so dont hold the light let it go,
for when they will,
only then will they know…!

Hang in there!

Regrets.. Remorse probably the worst feeling second to guilt.Experiencing all three together is quite a task i can guarantee to you. They eat you up slowly,very painfully from inside. You are helpless,you can either accept them & be depressed for as long as it takes or the easy way out to pretend you dont feel them.


A coward move,true,but that’s just temporary.Ofcourse you break at one point,you give those feelings free reign once in a while,cause that’s healthy as society puts it.one should let it all out.But that’s just absurd,cause i’m sure those nosy people telling you to cry all out are most probably just dishing for new gossips,that’s just how our society rolls. Ofcourse its not healthy holding everything inside you,but it takes time. It takes time to forgive yourself, it takes time to get used to the pain.one cannot totally forget the pain,those feelings are part of your life they hold memories which i’m sure neither your brain nor your heart would let you forget. so you just get used to them,with time you learn how to smile & move on. while pretending to be strong,you learn how to really become strong. you get the hang of it with time & then you become a pro at it. You smile,hold your head up & move on. Once in a while reminiscing those memories as they will always be part of your life even if the person behind them are too far gone to be there with you…so just hold on to those memories & pretend that things are okay…cause they will always be. Time doesn’t heal your wounds it just gives you the strength you need to be okay.
So just hold on and hang in there you’ll be okay..gradually!