i’m cold
no not because its winter,
but because my sun has dawned in the ocean
leaving a hollow darkness within my heart
i’m cold
because his warmth surrounding me is now just empty air with no love to provide me shelter
i’m cold
cause his presence now is just a reminder of times which i know can never come back
i’m cold
cause i myself squished my own heart to set him free
leaving a hallow darkness within me
my already broken heart is dead now
i’m cold
&he still has my heart in his hold


A promise


its like i’m invisible to them
for them me being a stone not a gem
for they dont see what i possess
there will be a time,when they can no longer compress
for then will i be free,
running along the grass,so soft beneath me
waitin’ with determination in my blood,fire in my soul,strength in my heart
for this will end,and a new beginning will start..
& i promise myself till then,not to fall apart..!


Its love she’s looking for,

yet its love she’s afraid of

its the darkness she’s most comfortable with,

yet its the darkness she’s scared of

longing to be held in arms is what she dreams,

yet letting herself go in those arms is what she restraints from

holding her heart close to her;

protected with shallow walls around,

its freedom she most desires

yet she’s her own prisoner

she stands in a crowd with fierce courage to be noticed,

yet its shyness she’s accustomed of

with her pain she stands alone;making it her strength,

yet its the very pain she loathes of.

its love she’s looking for,

yet its love she’s the most afraid of…