Long talks and late nights;
That continuous ribbing and plenty of stupid fights.
Each one of us,each others knight’s;
Like the protective bunch of white storks,not afraid of heights.


Long talks and late nights;
When things go wrong,those are the right kind of delights.
A glass of vodka in hand,laughing your ass off watching the city lights;
For those moments nothing does matter,no wrongs no rights;
Just Long talks and late nights…



soft lips matching her pace
both content being confined in this small space
love running in both of their veins
binding them together,held by chains
this moment being their forever,making it their goodbye kiss
for the journey of true love need not always be pure bliss
so they go their separate ways,
coz some love stories are not meant to last always!


Only then will they know..!


Tiny shoulders bearing too much load,
emotions within do overflow.
decisions! decisions! too many to take,
even the sky toward us,
did it bow.
society’s norms,so many pretenses we do,
please explain to them we are humans too!
remove our boundations,set us free,so we can grow
’cause even the tiniest of them all can glow!
so dont hold the light let it go,
for when they will,
only then will they know…!