I think of you

As i lay in bed i think of you,

Your face buried in my neck
makes me forget all my blues.

In the quiet comfort of the moonless night,

Our fingers locked together, anchoring me tight.

In my dark world, you’re a fresh breath of purity,

Hearing you breathe peacefully, brings to me a sense of security.

Your eyes hold promise of protecting my heart,

Whether we are together or we be apart.

As the night grows old, i close my eyes and think of you,

Your smiling face makes me forget all my blues. ❤️


I want you

I want you, mind, body and soul,

A wild night

no room for control.

Heart to heart skin to skin,

Each touch igniting

a sin within.

Whisper of your lips on my naked back,

Desire meeting desire,

leaving a bitter sweet track.

Let me whimper, let me moan,


let the straining timbers groan. ❤️

Maybe one day..

Maybe one day we’ll find the place where our hearts can beat together,
Our skin to melt into one another and meet up in the aether.
Maybe one day when we’re not bound by shackles we’ll meet again,
For then we’ll have nothing to loose nor to gain.
Maybe one day we’ll be right for each other,
In a place where our hearts can beat together.
So I’ll wait for that day,
Sitting in a chair with wrinkled skin and hair all gray.
Maybe one day…. ❤️