I love you..

Is it just me or do you feel it too?
My heart skips a beat when i’m with you.

Do you hear my contented sighs
or see the bright twinkle shining in my eyes?

Those secret smiles, that casual touch,
Did i give away too much?

Loving you from afar is bittersweet,
But your smile is what makes my day complete.

There are so many feelings but the words are few,
So i’ll just say,
I love you for being you. ❤️


I want to…

I want to kiss you, slow and deep,

Creating a trail of scorching sensation down the steep.

Your fingers in my hair, wild and rough

Your taste oh so sweet, i cant get enough.

Melt in my touch, scream my name,

Get mangled with my soul, feel my burning flame.

Let me fuck you hard and slow,

Laying in tangled sheets till the evening sun is low.

I wish you were..

I wish you were here,

to hold me close

and wipe my tears.

I wish you were here,

to help me fight my demons

and kiss away my fears.

I wish you were here,

to keep my nightmares at bay

and Whisper sweet nothing in my ears.

I wish you were here,

just to love me

for a thousand more years. ❤️

Two peas in a pod

So many memories of us growing up, so many secrets we shared,

Two peas in a pod, the heavens have paired.

We fought, we cried,

Sitting together gossiping, on people we spied.

We are so different yet so alike,

Your sweet little tantrums were always childlike.

Remember how we cried when i went away that summer?

Times without you sure has been a bummer.

Life has bought us on a different path, in a different city,

So on the sweet tunes of our friendship, i dedicate to you this ditty. ❤️