Only then will they know..!


Tiny shoulders bearing too much load,
emotions within do overflow.
decisions! decisions! too many to take,
even the sky toward us,
did it bow.
society’s norms,so many pretenses we do,
please explain to them we are humans too!
remove our boundations,set us free,so we can grow
’cause even the tiniest of them all can glow!
so dont hold the light let it go,
for when they will,
only then will they know…!



Her heart longs to fly,
breaking the prison,opening her wings she aims to soar high,
every dream has a price to be paid
she wonder’s is it a fair trade
all her life,all that she has known and seen are these walls
she’s afraid what if she falls
her wings being weigh’d
she flies alone,no one to her aide
determined to break free of all the chains
she listens to her heart and the courage she gains
leaving it all behind,she opens her wings and soars high
now her home being,the vast blue sky.



Its just me and my heartbeats

Following the sound of my footsteps

Leading to a path so steep

No sounds to match my beat,

The town is probably asleep

Wandering the streets with the winds,

Closing my eyes i feel only bliss.

My mind a complete blank space,

In sync with my fast pace

This feeling of pure freedom can only be described as exhilarating


Its just me and my heartbeats

Following the sound of my footsteps

Leading to a path so steep.